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What we do

We work with you to unlock the potential of your business, helping you to focus on the right things to enhance performance, guiding short and long range growth plans, and providing practical support to implement your ideas.

GROWTH ADVISORY Corporate finance

Growth Advisory

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Strategic review

Our review unlocks the potential in your business by providing key insights and recommendations for growing and realising value. Key areas covered include:

  • Unlocking value drivers
  • Improving shareholder value
  • Commercial review & KPI benchmarking
  • Client relationship audit
  • Recommendations & next steps
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Board Advisory

We've been lucky enough to win 'outstanding non-exec' award for the last 3 years running. We see ourselves as partners with you, working together to build the business and reach the goals.

  • Honest counsel
  • Unblocking growth
  • Strategic planning
  • Commercial advice
  • Transformation roadmap
  • Succession planning
  • Creating high performing teams
  • Preparing for exit
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Growth Planning

We help shareholders and leadership teams build a robust strategy that enables then to achieve their ambitions

  • Board advisory
  • Strategic planning
  • Preparing for exit
  • Transformation roadmap
  • Preparing for exit
  • Creating high performing teams
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Sales & Marketing

Most agencies can enhance their sales capability and better utilise their marketing to drive awareness and leads. Our work helps build an engine room that drives leads and revenue confidence into the business

  • Driving qualified leads
  • Team, process and planning
  • Aligning marketing to outcomes
  • Positioning & offer
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Sales Transformation - ABLE

Phil Gripton talks through how we work with our clients on our sales transformation programme 'ABLE', helping them to build a repeatable and scalable sales process.

  • Proposition development
  • Value based selling
  • Sales training
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Proposition Development

Developing a clear authentic & market winning proposition and avoiding a 'me too' one should be the priority for any ambitious agency wanting to create cut-through in the market

  • Mission statement and purpose
  • Differentiating from competition
  • Develop USP
  • Stand out from competitors
  • Market knowledge and buyer relationships
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Waypoint Partners North

Phil Gripton discusses our growth advisory and M&A services in the North of the UK, as well as talking through his background and some current projects.

  • Sales and marketing
  • Growth planning
  • Talent development
  • Proposition development
  • M&A
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Waypoint Partners, U.S

Brett Davis discusses the growth and M&A advisory services we provide in the US. He talks through his own experience, how he's working with clients and the state of the market in the US.

  • Growth Advisory
  • M&A Advisory
  • Client relationships

Corporate Finance

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Growth Capital

We help shareholders and leadership teams build a robust strategy that enables them to achieve their ambitions.

  • Board advisory
  • Strategic planning
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Sale Side Advisory

We'll help you reach your personal objectives, prepare and advise you to receive the best value and outcome from a transaction.

  • Develop strategic positioning to make your business stand out from the competition
  • Extensive buyer knowledge to drive the best outcome
  • Manage deal complexities
  • On-going support to drive the evolution of growth in your business

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