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Rebuilding shareholder value in a new world of M&A | Webinar recording

by Angela Lurssen
27th May 2020
Rebuilding shareholder value in a new world of M&A | Webinar recording, post image

“How has COVID-19 impacted the M&A environment and what are the dynamics we can expect to see over the next 3, 6, 12 and 36 months? Does COVID mean the end of “exits”?”

Partners Miles Welch and Jim Houghton joined Ian Harris from Agency Hackers for a webinar detailing the new M&A landscape. The discussion included what the M&A market currently looks like; how to go about approaching an acquisition in a more strategic, deliberate manner as opposed to ‘bargain hunting’; hoping for a serendipitous deal. Parallel to this, Miles and Jim covered points on what agencies should be doing right now to put themselves back on the front foot to rebuild shareholder value.

View the full recording here:

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