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Leadership Communications and Business Development | Webinar Recording

by Miles Welch
8th April 2020
Leadership Communications and Business Development | Webinar Recording, post image

Webinar Episode 2: Navigating the New Normal – Effective Strategies for Leadership Communications and Business Development

Waypoint Partners is investing £100k of time and resources, distilling down the experience of their 7 partners into a series of webinars, designed to provide the insights and resources to survive and thrive during the Covid-19 period.

Hosted by Miles Welch (London) – Julianna Richter (NYC) & Phil Gripton (Edinburgh/North) walked business leaders through the steps every agency must take to secure their business and put it on the best footing for the mid and long-term.

You can view the webinar recording here:

Waypoint Partners will be sharing a series of insights and perspectives on critical areas to help guide and inform business priorities, actions and decision-making in our series of ‘Navigating the New Normal’ webinars.

Throughout the series, these additional relevant topics will be covered:

  • Financial Management: Revenue forecasting and cash flow planning
  • Business Management: Scenario planning, business sizing and cost reduction strategies
  • People Management: Talent retention and motivation
  • Leadership: Communications in times of crisis
  • Change Management: Structural change and strategic pivots
  • Business Development: Identifying and sourcing immediate revenue opportunities
  • Investment/M&A guidance: Access to specialist funding, investors and M&A opportunities

To keep updated as we continue in our navigating the New Normal series, be sure to contact for more information

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