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The New Normal: how to maintain your mental health during the Covid period | Webinar

by Martin Palethorpe
5th May 2020
The New Normal: how to maintain your mental health during the Covid period | Webinar, post image

Supporting independent agency founders and business leaders across the marketing communications sector.

9am BST on Tuesday, 5th May 2020

Covid-19 has brought about significant issues around health and the economy, but there’s also a mental health and wellbeing situation that needs to be addressed.

During these times, the mind has a propensity to create significant unhelpful noise.

This mental noise lead to many problems including:

  • The feeling of fear and stress causing psychological & physical suffering.
  • The mind spending too much time imagining all sorts of future scenarios.
  • Panic behaviour.
  • Reduced ability to think clearly and make good decisions for you and your business.

As an agency leader, what you need more than ever before is focus, peace of mind, calm, considered behaviour and strong leadership.

Waypoint Partners is collaborating with The Pragma Group, who specialises in teaching business leaders about the mind and its impact on mental health, well-being and performance. Using the latest research in neuroscience and psychology, they’ve worked with a number of blue chip brands and independent agencies to help leaders explore the power of the mind.

Miles Welch of Waypoint Partners, along with Martin Palethorpe of Pragma, will facilitate a 60-minute webinar for you to explore and learn about your mind to enable you to find ways of living and working with calmness, focus and clarity during the turbulence.

We will be hosting this webinar via Zoom. In order to make this session as interactive as possible we ask for you to please forward your questions before the time plus of course, we welcome you to share additional questions live on the day.

Throughout Waypoint’s Navigating the New Normal series, we will cover relevant topics including:

  • Financial Management: Revenue forecasting and cash flow planning
  • Business Management: Scenario planning, business sizing and cost reduction strategies
  • People Management: Talent retention and motivation
  • Effective Leadership: Leading and communicating in times of crisis
  • Change Management: Structural change and strategic pivots
  • Business Development: Identifying and sourcing revenue opportunities
  • Investment/M&A Guidance: Access to specialist funding, investors and M&A opportunities.

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