What’s the point of a growth strategy?

I know some creative businesses/people don’t like business planning.  I’ve heard some remark:  “so dullsville”; “what’s the point”; and “too much spreadsheet fun and games”.  Though, happily, I’ve also seen people converted and call it “perfect” after understanding and using it properly.

Whether you’re planning on being sold, raising money, doing a joint venture, or buying things to build-up your business, you will need a coherent growth strategy.  Some people fear that growth will bring a negative change to aspects of their business they deeply value; but this doesn’t need to be the case.  In fact it can safeguard and enhance them.

I prefer growth to come from genuine innovation for clients, rather than stack it high and sell it cheap.  To do this well, your time, energy, and money needs to be focused.  Providing it’s persuasive, thoughtful and realistic, a growth strategy can do this, adding real and demonstrable value, not only in the transaction but in aligning the interests of the leadership, staff and shareholders.