Dump the ego

Employees and customers are not stupid: they can see through ego and ineffective leadership. What they want from a leader is trust, compassion, stability and hope. 

When employees and customers can see these qualities in you as a leader, this inspires them. It motivates them and makes them want to work together to follow you.

Sadly some leaders want to feel powerful and to make those around them feel weak. For an egotist, every contest has winners and losers, and if glory goes to the winner then shame must come to the loser.

Based on my experiences, when you learn to let go of your ego and stop keeping score, you find that actually you do much better as a leader. Because most of the time, life isn’t me versus you. Most of the time, we work in teams. We cooperate.

This post has been adapted from LEADERSHIP LESSONS: from a Corporate Adventurer by Andy Maher (Amazon) on-sale now. 

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